World Environment Day; HP Design's Sponsorship of the Forest Service Plant-A-Tree Program

World Environment Day; HP Design's Sponsorship of the Forest Service Plant-A-Tree Program

At HP Design, we believe in the power of community and the importance of preserving our environment for future generations. Today, on World Environment Day, we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the USDA Forest Service Plant-A-Tree program. This initiative aligns perfectly with our values of sustainability and giving back to nature.

Our Commitment to the Environment

The Plant-A-Tree program is dedicated to restoring the health of our national forests. By planting trees, we support vital ecosystems, improve air quality, and combat climate change. Our partnership with the USDA Forest Service means that every donation we make contributes to the growth and maintenance of forests across the nation, ensuring they thrive for years to come.

Why Trees Matter

Trees are an essential part of our planet's health. They provide oxygen, enhance biodiversity, and offer habitats for wildlife. Forests act as natural air purifiers, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also play a crucial role in water cycle regulation and soil conservation. By supporting the Plant-A-Tree program, we help maintain these critical benefits and promote a healthier environment.

How You Can Help

We invite our community and customers to join us in this effort. For every custom engraving order placed in June, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Plant-A-Tree program. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment.

Celebrating World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a reminder of the collective responsibility we share in protecting our planet. It's a day to reflect on the ways we can contribute to a more sustainable future. At HP Design, we are proud to take this step and encourage others to consider how they can make a difference.

Thank You for Your Support

We extend our gratitude to our loyal customers and partners who make initiatives like this possible. Your support allows us to continue our mission of creating beautiful, personalized products while also giving back to the environment.

Together, let's celebrate World Environment Day by committing to actions that protect and restore our natural world.


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