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Custom Engraved Liquor Ensemble: Personalized Wooden Box, Bottle, and Whiskey Glasses Set

Custom Engraved Liquor Ensemble: Personalized Wooden Box, Bottle, and Whiskey Glasses Set

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Dive into the world of personalized elegance with our Custom Engraved Liquor Ensemble, a perfect blend of craftsmanship and individuality. This exquisite set includes a beautifully crafted wooden box, alongside two premium bourbon/whiskey glasses, designed to elevate your drinking experience. Please note, while the wooden box and glasses are part of your purchase, the liquor bottle is provided by you, allowing for a truly personal touch. We are using in our presentation a 1L Woodforester. 

Your Set Includes:

  • Wooden Box: A sturdy and stylish container that not only protects but adds a touch of sophistication to your prized liquor bottle and glasses. The lid, inside lid, and bottom of the box can be engraved with designs of your choice or personalized messages, making it an heirloom-worthy piece.
  • Two Bourbon/Whiskey Glasses: Enjoy your favorite spirits in these elegantly designed glasses, which can be subtly customized with engraving at the bottom, perfect for a personal signature or a discrete message.
  • Liquor Bottle Engraving: Bring the liquor bottle you provided to life with custom engravings. Choose from our array of design options, upload your own design, or personalize it further with a logo. Placement options include the front or back of the bottle, catering to your preference.

Personalization Options:

  • Design Selection: Opt from our curated design collection or upload your unique design.
  • Logo Upload: Add a corporate or personal logo to the bottle, glasses, or wooden box for an additional touch of customization. 

How to Specify Your Customizations: Upon purchase, you will be prompted to specify your design choices, logo placements, and engraving details for each item in the set. Please ensure accuracy in your instructions to guarantee your envisioned outcome.

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