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Live-edge Acasia Cutting Boards

Live-edge Acasia Cutting Boards

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Introducing our new personalized Acacia cutting boards, the perfect addition to any kitchen. Made from premium quality Acacia wood, known for its durability and beauty, these cutting boards are built to last.

Follow the customization option below or create your own design. If you are uploading your design, a $15 flat fee will be added to your order. 

Each board is unique, featuring a natural wood grain pattern that adds character and charm to your kitchen. And, with the option to have it laser engraved with your custom design, it becomes a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Whether you're preparing a meal or serving up cheese and crackers, this cutting board is the perfect size for all your cutting and slicing needs. Its smooth surface ensures that your knives glide effortlessly, while its sturdy construction prevents warping and cracking over time.

So why settle for a plain and boring cutting board when you can have one that is both functional and personalized? Make a statement in your kitchen with our custom Acacia cutting board, and be the envy of all your guests. Order yours today!


Size approx 20”x9” 


**Product Disclaimer for Natural Edge Acacia Boards**

Please be aware that each of our natural edge acacia boards is unique, featuring its own distinct wood grain and natural color variations. Due to the individual characteristics of each piece of wood, the laser engraving process can produce different shades and depths of color in the finished product. This means that the engraving may appear lighter or darker in some areas, which is a natural outcome of working with wood.

We strive to create beautifully crafted products, but we cannot control or predict the exact shade of engraving on each individual board. The variations in color and texture are part of what makes each board a unique piece of art, and they do not affect the functionality or quality of the product.

By purchasing our natural edge acacia boards, you acknowledge and appreciate the inherent beauties and variations that come with natural wood products. We hope you enjoy the uniqueness that your specific board brings to your home or as a gift.

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