I do not like to eavesdrop, but I was recently sitting at my favorite cafe, and I couldn't help but pick up a snippet from the conversation at the table next to mine:

"Sometimes I think about taking a job; it will certainly pay me better... But then, when I think about what I'd be giving up..."

The thought struck a chord. Entrepreneurship is often a lot of hard work, and the results take some time to come in. When they do it only sometimes leads to the glorious Wolf-of-Wall-Street limo-driving, Monaco-cruising lifestyle. Not right away, at least!

So, what is it that has become so sexy about entrepreneurship among young people and everyone during 2020/2022 and why do many entrepreneurs continue to go at it, even when it doesn't yield the gold?

The truth is that for many, entrepreneurship is not about money. Money is one of the measures of success. But certainly, there is a lure that goes beyond cold cash. Here are some of my reflections.

For me, entrepreneurship is about my identity.

I know many who left their professions or pivoted to build businesses around their professions because they could identify more with the excitement and flux that comes from creating something rather than just doing what they were trained to do.

To be an entrepreneur is my lifestyle.

My first endeavors with being an entrepreneur were set in by my father, a crafter who went to markets with handmade pyrography wall signs. My mother was drawing them, and he was patiently burning in the delicate plywood lines. Later, I experienced that being an entrepreneur is all about carefully balancing my personal life and business priorities. And balancing business priorities without running down my personal ones is by far the most challenging factor of being an entrepreneur.

I became comfortable mentoring and am learning new skills because it is part of being an entrepreneur. I welcome anyone to my small corner of the virtual social group on Facebook, " The Maker Space." My group is about goals and bringing people together around my vision.

Just to be clear, entrepreneurship is not about being your own boss!

You are never your own boss. There's always someone to tell you what to do. But with entrepreneurship, instead of an employer, it will be your client or investor. This changes the power relationship, making us feel more independent than in the case of your standard job. Instead of depending on the whims of a single employer, you can have several clients or investors to fall back on.

Working in an environment that supports your business is crucial

When the world shut down in March 2020, and everyone was stuck at home for months, I was given time to rethink my career path. And for me, a traditional nine-to-five job wasn't the answer anymore. I asked my family to support me in my new endeavors, and after saving for a couple of months, I purchased a commercial laser from AEON Lasers USA.

AEON has become a crucial part of my entrepreneurship. I invested in a commercial laser because of the incredible customer service and the social support around the AEON LASER Community. Not to forget that the technology is top notch. I got the best value for what I paid for, and I receive a lifetime customer service on all of my AOEN devices. As they say it, "We became partners for life." 

Running your own business is often not glorious. But ultimately, it's about creating something. It's not for everyone. But if you're an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, let me know where you think the lure lies! And if you were an entrepreneur and decided to call it a day, I'd love to hear about what you learned from the experience!!

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