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Dinner Party Accessories: Serving Trays, Boards, and Platters

Treat friends and family to fresh appetizers, homemade meals, favorite drinks, and other dinner parties, staples on a serving tray. Are you throwing a specific type of event? Find a tray that complements the occasion. Take a casual approach with a classic wood finish board. Consider using themed pieces to add a festive twist; platters and bowls in warm, earthy colors make perfect table decorations.

Either way, modern serving platters with handles on the side make it easy to transport your food and drink between rooms. At self-serve events, use serving boards and platters on a nearby sideboard—making it easy for guests to grab their slices of cheese and bread, as well as crackers, vegetables, and other finger foods. Serving trays work for dessert, too. Just place your cake or pie on top of a pedestal for display.

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