Market List & Tipps

Market List & Tipps

“My philosophy when it comes to packing for a market is to be over-prepared…”

There are many things to remember and think about when you are gearing up for a craft fair or artisan market. Whether it's your first market or you have been doing them for years, in my experience, you always need to remember something! (I forgot my phone and my checkout reader once I had no way of receiving money or giving change back)

My philosophy when it comes to packing for a market is to be over prepared…very over-prepared. You never know what you’ll be faced with once you get to the venue, and I have come to my fellow vendors' rescue more times than I can count! (Who doesn’t love to be the hero for a few minutes!)


I have compiled a handy list to check before you head out to your next market. 

What helps me is to have everything set into categories. This way, I am not overwhelmed by the number of things I need to oversee when I check my list and pack for the markets.


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Can anyone help with what I’m doing wrong? I have cookies stamped and chilled before baking, and there is no writing on them after baking.


Great list Anca! I am loving all the new products your making.

Kimberly Zimmer

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